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Places We Love

Places We Love: San Diego Tijuana

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The idea for 'Places We Love: San Diego Tijuana' was first planted way back in 2012. Author Megan Groth was in Helsinki during their World Design Capital year and picked up a similarly sized photo guidebook to local culture and nightlife at a bookshop on Senate Square. The book was bold, edgy and electric – and conveyed the excitement of the city in something that you could put in your bag and take with you.

When she moved back to San Diego from London in 2018, Megan found the Helsinki book in her boxes and started thinking about putting together something like it for San Diego. Life happened and it wasn't until San Diego and Tijuana were jointly awarded the 2024 World Design Capital (and after the experience of being a parent during the pandemic lockdowns) that she got to work.

Megan began the project by reconnecting with a high school classmate (who happened to be the founder of Raygun and a brilliant designer) and crowdsourcing place suggestions from as many people as possible via email, online forms and forums, text messages and casual conversations. One collaboration led to another and another and a year later, 'Places We Love: San Diego Tijuana' was released.