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Khen Glassware

Painter's Cup & Palette Set

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Sip from a masterpiece anywhere with the Gute Transparent Botanical Floral Painting Cup and Saucer. The lightweight and portable set features an exquisite floral botanical design and is made of epoxy resin, which makes it ideal for use with any liquid (hot or cold). Get the perfect sip of your favorite beverage through consistent and a neatly arranged painting with its exquisite and aesthetically pleasing design. The Transparent Botanical Floral Painting Cup and Saucer set is the perfect companion for your morning. This handy set is made from durable epoxy resin, so it can be used over and over again! Perfect for artists, students, hobbyists or anyone that is fascinated with one of a kind artwork. Perfect for tea, coffee, and more! Great for a perfect morning wake up, or a relaxing wind down at night!