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Mr B Baby

Mr B Baby MCASD Chucho

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Mr B Baby x MCASD collab plush

Limited Edition of 500

 A Latina born and raised in San Diego, California, Michelle Ruby aka  Mr. B Baby, uses elements of her heritage as inspiration for her striking and lively art work.  Mr. B Baby is heavily influenced by her community, as well as her Puerto Rican/Mexican upbringing. By combining vibrant colors with traditional imagery,  Mr. B Baby is able to uplift her audience and intrigue her viewers. The artist's aim is to bring happiness and joy to her collectors and community, while also having stronger messages intertwined, all of which are open to the viewer's interpretation.

Michelle was raised in a predominantly Spanish speaking home with a single mother and her older sister. Her mother's strong work ethic led her to move to San Francisco and pursue her dream as an artist. Mr. B Baby lived and studied art in San Francisco. After attaining her Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts, she then decided it was time for a change and returned to her home town to focus on a career. She had a daughter of her own and was determined to lead by example, so she began teaching art full time. Although Michelle enjoyed teaching, she longed to create. She eventually moved to Los Angeles to try her go at being a full-time artist. Regardless of the many obstacles and struggles along the way, Mr. B Baby was persistent and determined in all she did. She is now residing part time in Los Angeles and part time in San Diego trying to succeed in the art world and provide a strong role model for her daughter. She has now shown in galleries, such as Chimmaya Gallery, Just another Gallery, Chicano Park Gallery, and more. She is also a muralist and has had clients ranging from Random House to San Diego Weekly,etc. 

Mr. B Baby’s work explores the relationship between Mexican folk art and children’s books. Her artwork is a whimsical twist, combining the cultural world with a playful, colorful touch. She was raised in a predominantly Spanish speaking home with a single mother and her older sister. Her hardworking mother taught her that the sky was the limit, and she hopes to portray the
same message through her art.

 Mr. B Baby’s art is heavily influenced by her culture and her experiences in life. As someone who battled with depression and anxiety starting from a young age, she advocates for positive mental health and hopes to inspire other people that adversities can be overcome through artistic pursuit. Mr. B Baby’s goal is to create art for everyone and in the process connect with people and bring happiness through her creations. She creates a wide range of characters who all tell their own unique story.

Mr. B Baby is now residing in Los Angeles as a full time artist, toy designer, muralist, and mother.