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Hellen Van Berkel

Hellen Van Berkel Swan handmade brooch

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A swan fiercely defends its nest against a dog. In later centuries this scuffle was interpreted as a political allegory: the white swan was thought to symbolize the Dutch statesman Johan de Witt (assassinated in 1672) protecting the country from its enemies. This was the meaning attached to the painting when it became the very first acquisition to enter the National Art Gallery (the forerunner of the Rijksmuseum) in 1880 By Jan Asselijn, an Italianate, genre pieces, landscapes and animals are known. The endangered swan is undoubtedly his most famous painting and has been hanging in the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam for more than two centuries. Heartmade collection Bead jewelery Quality 100% handmade Height 7 cm Technique Bead and needle embroidery