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Hellen Van Berkel

Hellen Van Berkel Girl with Pearl Earring hand embroidered brooch

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Girl with the pearl earring is one of the most popular paintings of the dutch master Johannes Vermeer 1665-1667 It is currently visible in Museum Mauritshuis in the Hague. The painting is not a portrait, but a 'tronie' - a painting of an imaginary figure. Tronies depict a certain type or character; in this case a girl in exotic dress, wearing an oriental turban and an improbably large pearl in her ear. Johannes Vermeer was the master of light. This is shown here in the softness of the girl's face and the glimmers of light on her moist lips. And of course, the shining pearl. Heartmade collection Bead jewelery Quality 100% handmade Height 7 cm Technique Bead and needle embroidery