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Gego: Measuring Infinity

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Accompanying the first major museum retrospective exhibition of Gego's work in the US in more than 15 years, this expansive, definitive catalog charts the evolution of Gego's singular approach to abstraction through organic forms, linear structures and systematic spatial investigations. Featuring nearly 300 images, including more than 160 sculptures, drawings, prints, artist's books, textiles and installations made between the early 1950s and the early 1990s, this volume also presents 11 illustrated essays by experts in the field of modern and contemporary Latin American art that trace

Gego's artistic development across various mediums and disciplines, including her significant contributions to architecture and design; ground her practice in various art movements that materialized in Latin America, Europe and the US during her lifetime; and consider the pedagogical influence of her two-decade teaching career in Caracas. An illustrated chronology tracks Gego's life and artistic progression as well as her exhibition history, contextualized within the rich cultural milieus in which she lived and worked.