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Ezra Brown

Ezra Brown The End is Near Small Figure

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San Diego-based artist Ezra Brown found his love for art in his father, also an artist, who encouraged Ezra to pursue his creative endeavors. He went on to study at the Academy of Art in San Francisco, using his personal experience and struggles to connect with his audiences. Mostly working with acrylic on canvas and occasionally woodworking, his art lies between fanciful and emotional, portraying the relatable pains and situations that we confront in our daily lives. Ezra has created the character Hoppy the Clown, a reflection of the artist who often finds himself in less-than-ideal situations that reflect modern world issues. His solo exhibition Trying to Keep It Together at Thinkspace Gallery depicts the isolating feelings that everyone shares, portraying a deeper message with imagery that at first glance seems as if it would be light-hearted and fun. - Flaunt Magazine

5” resin figure with accessories 

limited to 100 pcs.